I’d like to encourage you to make an assessment of your day.  What happened, internally and externally?

What were the thoughts that ran through your head in that continuous monologue?  What actions did you take?  What actions didn’t you take?  Did you celebrate?  Did you condemn yourself?

What appointments did you have today?  Who came across your path?  How were they feeling today?

How were you feeling today?

Thoughts are things.  They connect with feelings.  And they can be shared.  Have you ever noticed that you’d been thinking the exact same thing as someone else?  Or you thought of someone, and then they called you?

It may sound crazy, but not all of your thoughts are your own, particularly if you are a very receptive person to begin with!  And if you believe in angels, the Divine, and/or beings from other dimensions — you might consider that they are talking to you, too!

The point of all this?  Know thyself. That is why we are here this lifetime, to know, to learn, and to grow.  Be aware of what and who is in your environment so you can study the effects on yourself.  Most importantly, discover the answer to “Who am I?”  You are truly unique with your own special soul print.    You are a luminous, light being with a magnificent mind and beautiful soul.  You have only to believe and you can accomplish many, many Wonderful things.  Believe.  Go make it happen. (Right now!)

Much love and many blessings! ❤

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