When you see a bunch of zombie-like, basement-dwelling, pale teenagers wandering the streets, don’t worry . . .  it’s not the apocalypse.  It’s Pokemon.
When your significant other is sneaking out the door every 5 minutes and nowhere to be found when you first get home, don’t worry. . .  your relationship isn’t over.  It’s Pokemon.
When your neighbors are standing outside your house, holding up their phones, don’t worry  . . . it’s not peeping toms.  It’s Pokemon.
When you see teenagers rolling down their windows and hear them yell: “Blue team sucks!”  don’t worry . . . it’s not gang warfare.  It’s Pokemon.
When your husband’s phone is dinging every 5 minutes, don’t worry. . .   It’s not an affair.  It’s Pokemon.
When your children are pointing their phones at various places around the house and are posing Spot and Fluffy in odd positions, don’t worry. . .  your kids aren’t officially insane . . .  It’s Pokemon.
When your health coaching client posts on Facebook, “I’m going to the gym!”  Don’t get excited. . . It’s Pokemon.
When you see your younger child trailing behind your older child like a puppy dog (and your older child is ok with it!), don’t worry . . .  those ARE actually your children.  It’s Pokemon.
When you see people going outside, socializing with other people, spending time in nature, don’t worry . . .  it’s not a dream. It’s Pokemon.
Please feel free to add your own in the comments! 
Much love, fun, and blessings! ❤

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