Announcing a new collaboration between me and Christopher Walker!  The start of many works!  Enjoy. . .


Evelyn had never looked in the mirror. She never even noticed that she omitted this. But perhaps she was afraid of who she might see? Most considered her lovely, with her long, dark reddish-brown hair, dark brown eyes, olive skin, medium height and medium build. She simply did a quick check on her hair and makeup in the morning. That was enough.

But this morning she hadn’t even done this.  She was up early after a restless night. She wore khaki cargo pants, a T-shirt, and her hiking shoes and tied her hair back into a tight ponytail.  Then she grabbed her pocketknife from her drawer and zipped it up in her pocket.  This was it. Today Evelyn faced the dragon. “I should not be afraid,” she thought. Nothing in the world seemed to frighten her. But she could feel something — deep down she feared the dragon. She waited until first light and crept out of her house, silently closing the door behind her so as not to wake anyone.

A gravel road led down to the water, but she turned off and searched in the brush for the hidden path that led down to the cave. She quickly found some foliage that was a little younger, a little newer, and she brushed it aside, branches snapping in her wake. This was it. She had traveled this way once before quickly turning back.   Not this time. She slowly adjusted her steps to the descending terrain, now turning and leaning her body to the side as she slid down the steep bank. Suddenly, she lost control and felt herself drop, dust and dirt spraying as she landed at the bottom. The cave was just 100 feet in front of her.

Evelyn hoped her approach hadn’t been noticed. She planned to catch the creature by surprise. She resumed her slow creep forward; he entrance to the cave was large and dark, a gaping mouth that looked ready to swallow her, but it clearly ran deep, making it impossible to see what was inside.

Suddenly a large shape loomed in front of her. Surprise was not an option. The beast was 2 stories high. It’s bat- like wings slowly flapped outward as it raised its head and let out its battle cry.

Evelyn felt the force of the heat.  She dropped to her knees and covered her ears as the screeching pierced the air and shook the ground. But she quickly returned to her feet to face the dragon. Though the dragon glared at her menacingly with its steely red eyes, she was surprised to find she was not afraid.  The dragon opened its mouth and prepared to fire, but Evelyn was ready, retrieving her blade, she held it in her fist, tucked her body, and charged the large beast. The startled monster choked on its own smoke, watching her form hurtling towards it. It rose up, knocking its back against the ceiling of the cave, and Evelyn narrowly avoided the dragon’s feet as she slashed upward, holding tight to her knife and thrusting it quickly into the dragon’s belly. It howled in agony and its eyes burned red. Evelyn stepped out of the way as it dropped, flopping down and curling into a ball, nursing its bleeding belly. Evelyn didn’t hesitate. She rushed at its head and quickly pierced its eyes. The pitiful beast let out another screech and raised itself thrashing, blindly into wilderness, away from the cave.

The entrance was open now.   Evelyn peered down into the cave.  What had the dragon been protecting?  Worse, what was she really afraid of down there?

Look for “Part II: The Cave” next week for Story Saturday/Sunday.

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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