I am an ideas person.  I love new ideas, and I feel like I need to act on them immediately, or they won’t happen.

I love the idea of being an ideas person.  I love that I can make things happen, help people out, move things forward.

But sometimes ideas can become an easy distraction.  My plan for the day is sacrificed on the trail of a good idea.  (And then another good idea  . . .  and then another. . .  ) I allow something that is challenging for me to be put on hold.  Procrastination is allowable if I’ve discovered something more important, right?

Wrong.  When I stick to the plan, I build trust in myself.  I am more grounded.  I am more confident.  The ideas may be helpful, but they lead me into the clouds and then down down, spinning through a spiral rabbit hole.  And then I wonder: What happened?

Who of you are “lotsa ideas people”?  What do you do about this?  I have a notebook that I keep in my purse, and I’m considering making it my “ideas only” notebook. It will give myself permission to put attention on my ideas — but at the appointed time.  And I need to make sure I keep my appointment, adding a reflection on my ideas to my daily routine.  What do you out there suggest?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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