This weekend destroyed my health momentum.  But I’m slowly finding my way back.

It all started with Game Night Saturday night at our place: some meatballs, Aurelio’s pizza (Where has this pizza been all of my life?), and red velvet cake.  I figured: “It’s Game Night!”  I can handle one night!

Well, then the next day was July 3rd, and I was up at my friend’s house for her pre-Independence Day cookout.  She impressively had some very healthy options — which I partook in — but I also ate the spicy brat with bun, the grilled chicken, a patriotic cookie, and 2 s-mores mini brownies.  I’d already broken the mold Saturday, so what was one more day?  And then Monday was leftovers (more pizza!, lots of red velvet cake, and more meatballs).

By Tuesday I’d run out of unhealthy things to eat, but my routine had not been reestablished.  I missed some snacks and dinner and went to bed hungry.

Today I got back to a good start with eggs for breakfast and smoothie for snack, but I was busy the rest of the day and missed lunch.  I resorted to my fallback snacks:  meal bar, snack bar, and granola.  Dinner was spinach and cheese quesadillas.

I’m determined more than ever to get a regular morning routine down.  It was interesting to observe how much my change in diet affected the stability of my emotions and mood, and I am anticipating some new shake ups with the the internal expansion I’m creating through developing my new business and working from my vision.  I need to establish a solid core, and I plan to start tomorrow: dogs out, exercise, shower, make breakfast, lunch, and snack, concentration, & meditation, spiritual writing, blog, and business training.

See you at 4:30am tomorrow, world!

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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