raphael and mother mary

I’m looking to connect with the angels.  I’m taking the action steps!  I’ve improved my diet, and I’m starting to exercise more.  I now need to work on my mind through stillness, concentration, and active listening.  I also need to be more grateful, believe, acknowledge, and breathe.  A few months ago I took out as many angel books by Doreen Virtue as I could find at the library.  I just finished the one on Archangel Michael and am currently reading the book on Archangel  Raphael.

When I learned that Archangel Raphael is associated with the color green, I thought of the image my friend Lori sent me almost 2 years ago that you see above.  She said she saw me engulfed in green and also sensed the mother energy (Mary).  I spoke with a Reiki master a few months ago who confirmed that she also saw Archangel Raphael with me (as well as Archangel Uriel!)  This — coupled with the Healer’s Portrait report that I received 2 years ago — confirms that there is healing in my future!  I’ve been asking the angels what that means; I think I still don’t know how to listen. . .  up until now!  Soon after my exchange with Lori, I renewed my interest in Mother Mary.  My sister bought me the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  I was a little disappointed when I received them in the mail; they weren’t as bright and ethereal as the Angel Tarot Cards.  But one particular use made them worth having.

Some months ago to a year ago a good family friend discovered she had cancer.  We were all stunned and started the prayer wheel turning.  She came to visit one day, and I asked her if she’d like an angel card reading, showing her my Mary cards. She was game, so I shuffled and looked for a card to stand out.  The card below popped up for her, and she told me later that she never forgot that card throughout her experience.  I believe it might have helped in her healing process; she is now recovered and back to her old self.  I read the card again today and marveled at how absolutely beautiful the message was.  I was meant to share it with all of us today:

I am filled with the same beauty, poise, and Divine perfection as all of God’s other creations. . .  You received this card because Mother Mary sees your graceful beauty, and she wants to help you to see this in yourself, too.  This is a message about increasing your self-confidence and sense of self-worth.  As you feel better about yourself, your actions will shift in positive ways, which will create a healthier climate for you and your loved ones.  Today envision how Mother Mary would handle each situation you face.  Emulate her composure as you gracefully embrace everything that comes your way.  Your grace will naturally exude a magnetism that draws wonderful people and experiences to you.

Much love and angel kisses. ❤


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