When I studied in the School of Metaphysics, we learned about the four stages of growth: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and wisdom.  All of us go through all of the stages, and we are ideally in many different stages in different areas throughout our lives.  But sometimes we can get stuck in adulthood or wisdom.  Because we like it there.  It’s oh, so comfortable.  I had a classmate tell me once: “I think I’m afraid of infancy.  Because I really like being in wisdom!”

I totally get that.  If I procrastinate, it’s usually because I’m facing the state of infancy.  Perfectionism is really a desire to be in wisdom and a fear of infancy.  Infants are naive.  Infants make mistakes.

I love the analogy that Mary Morrissey makes about infancy; my coach, Jacque Alderete, just reminded me of it in our last coaching session.  Think of a baby.  How does a baby learn to walk?  Can you imagine a baby going for that first step, falling, and then saying to himself/herself.  “Well. . .  I guess I’m just not meant to walk!”  Of course not!  Babies have a hunger, a need to move.  They have no reason to believe they wouldn’t be able to, and they get a a lot of encouragement from their parents!

What if we could get that kind of encouragement from ourselves?  “You can do it!” “Keep trying!”  “You fell again today? Let’s try that again!”  “Hold my hand.”  “Take it slow.”  “Don’t give up!”  “Good job!”

Infancy is so uncomfortable.  But that’s where the magic happens!  Have you experienced the excitement when a baby finally walks!  In reality, all of us test our new legs when we face those new areas of our lives.  Sometimes we choose it.  Or sometimes we feel forced to.

Where are you in infancy today?  Take some time to look at where you are starting fresh and stretching in your life.  And if you can’t find anything, maybe it’s time for something new!  The world is your oyster!  Let’s run with it! Let’s grow!

Much love, many blessings, and much, much GROWTH to you all!

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