“All great dreambuilders have something in common . . . . they have also known great failure. . . Learning failure is one of the most instructive parts of becoming the person that you are capable of being. The only people who don’t fail are the ones who never try, never risk, simply do not pursue their dreams.” – Mary Morrissey

It’s easy to get down on ourselves because we have a vision of where we want to be . . . and we want to be there already!  I am continually telling myself: “This is what it looks like while it’s all coming together.”

I am not making the strides I’d like to make in my businesses, but I am further along than I’ve ever been before.  The work this week (and maybe this season!) is internal.  I continue to build my routines with the daily blog and 3 days straight of a healthy, planned diet.  Tomorrow I get back on track with exercise by going for a badly needed swim.

This message is getting stronger every day: “Be still.  Listen.  Get quiet.  Be still. . .”  More and more I am eager to know myself, who I really am, and how I can best serve others.  There’s no better time to start than today!

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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