There are a lot of truth tellers out there.  I am one of them!  The question is, how do you receive truth — and how do you know it to be true for you?  There are many sources of truth.  It may come from people, from angels, from God (or “source”, the Infinite, etc).  It may come from your inner knowing, from your soul or spirit.  How do you know where it’s coming from and that it’s really true for you?

Observation, experience, and practice.  Everyone is different.  Maybe you’ve noticed your body reacting in a certain way, as I do.  You may get certain feelings in your “gut” or in your “chest.”  I’ve sometimes noticed a tingle in my left hand, in my left hand, or in my 3rd eye when I hear something that rings true for me.  Sometimes I also cry or feel a wave of emotion well up within me when I hear something that I know I’ve needed to hear.

Notice the voices that talk to you throughout the day.  Who are they?  Some are voices from your past.  Some are voices from your conscious mind or ego.  Some may be messages from your inner self.  If you’re particularly still and receptive, you may notice thoughts that don’t seem like you at all!  They could be thoughts or images from other people, or maybe God, angels, or other inner dimensional beings.

Have you received messages from speaking with others?  Very synchronistic ones?  Sometimes the universe brings the right people at the right time, and sometimes it could even be angels!  When I was out walking in the mall a few months ago with my classmates from the School of Metaphysics, a businessman struck up a conversation with us.  At one point in our conversation I was struck by his words and the power I could feel coming from them.  He was looking right at me, too and I could feel his gaze! Not only that, but his words seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear at the time.  I thought the event was strange, but then last night I was reading Signs from Above by Doreen Virtue.  A singer tells a story of being approached by a small group of people with a very specific message for her.  At another event a few weeks later she received the exact same message from a different person.  She felt the power the first time and couldn’t deny it the second time!  I think the angels spoke to me through this stranger as well.

How do you receive truth?  What do you notice this week?  Throughout the day, keep your intention on receiving the highest truth for the good of all concerned.  If you put your attention on it, you may open up a whole new, beautiful world for yourself!

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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