This past weekend I went for a bike ride.  It was the 2nd bike ride of the year.  I was pretty happy with myself.  2 years ago I was quite the frequent rider, and before that I took quite a few biking trips, including a few times in the Door County Century, multiple trips in the Canadian Rockies, and one trip in Vancouver.  (My friend convinced me it would be easy to ride in the Canadian Rockies.  He lied.  But he got me to keep coming back!)  I even did a full “century” once!  (One time was plenty.)

What was fun for me this time and last week was that I actually wanted to ride.  That sounds silly, right?  I mean, I wanted to ride for the pure enjoyment of it.  I got to be in the outdoors and also see a lot more than if I’d only been walking.  Most times when I’d been biking in the past, it had been for a reason.  I needed exercise.  I was training. I needed to go a certain number of miles that day.  Or a number of minutes. Or I needed a route with hills. But not this time.

What also came up for me this time was how grateful I am for my health.  As I was rounding a turn, my bike wheel caught in the lip in the ground between the grass and the sidewalk.  For a brief moment I imagined myself slamming into the sidewalk.  And then the broken leg.  Cancel! Delete!  I quickly erased that thought from my head, righted my bike, and became incredibly grateful for my health.

There is a lot that I want right now, and I am pushing myself very hard.  I am listening to my training calls and Quantum Leap class, I am taking in as many tutoring students as I can fit, I am setting up classes for Early Education Enrichment, and I am scheduling Vision Workshops and meeting many people.  I am reading and listening to audios on mindset, about time management, about angels.  I’m learning about money and budgeting. I am working on knowing myself better and listening to the still small voice.  I love coaching and love my coaching clients.  I love having my own coach. I love seeing my students succeed.  I’m attending DreamBuilder Live to get more ideas for my workshops. I’m learning about the many aspects of business.  I’m networking.  I’m blogging every day.

Where I’m struggling is self-care.  I’m not eating enough.  I have not yet developed my exercise habit.  (It went out the window when I switched my attention to the new blogging habit.)  I’m not allowing myself to read much.  I’m not journaling.  I stopped meditating.  I do sometimes walk barefoot when I take the dogs out in the morning to help me get grounded, and I did find an old gift certificate and went for a mini-shopping-trip to finally get some cute (passable for narrow feet) shoes.  But I still need more play.  Some spontaneity.  Some fun.

But again, I am very, very grateful for my body.  I am seeing it more as a gift his week, as a beautiful vessel that only gets one life.  I am grateful for everything that it does for me, and I resolve to love it and nurture it from now on.

Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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