The truth is

I’m still learning who I am.

I am learning what’s ME and what’s ego,

What’s me and what’s others,

What’s me and what’s beyond.


I still don’t understand my emotions.

I’m still learning to be still,

So that I can hear.

The answers are without.

The answers are within.

The answers are one and the same.


I appreciate my body more and more each day.

My health is my greatest gift.

I will never forget that.

I love myself.

I love myself because I AM.


Abundance is all around me.

What I visualize

I see

What I see

I believe.

And soon I will know.


I still wonder:

If I surrender my ego —

will I lose myself?

And if I don’t . . .

can I have peace?


I can.  I can.  I can. I CAN.

Everything is choice.


I choose happiness.

I choose faithfulness.

I choose freedom.


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