DevilAngelIt’s funny that it seems to be a “dream” kind of week this week.  Yesterday I bumped into one of my friends at work, and she shared her dream with me.  In it she was arguing with the devil.  It crescendoed into a back-and-forth between the devil and her fervent prayers, ending in her triumphant win.

I reflected later on her dream and realized that I hadn’t just bumped into her to help her interpret her dream.  I’d needed to hear the dream as well.

The “devil” is seen symbolically as the “ego.”  So, essentially, she was experiencing  a struggle within herself between her ego and her desire for higher wisdom and spiritual connection.  So, I asked myself: “What would my own internal devil/ego battle be about?” I identified it as a struggle between my ego motivation for my dreams and my desire to stay connected to my spiritual purpose.

What would your ego/spirit conversation be about?  Where would you like to shine some light on some inner struggles?

Much love and many blessings. ❤

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