I’m back!  I dropped off of blogging again — though it’s been incessantly on my mind.  As I continuously thought about getting back on the horse in the past few weeks, some of my old paradigms popped up, mainly that “perfectionism” voice.

So, I  reminded myself that I love this.  I love writing, and I love sharing with others.  Whatever comes out, comes out.

So, what came up for me this past week was life-to-mind symbols.  Besides my usual fascination and interaction with angel numbers, I’ve been looking at everyday life symbols.  Last week I went to my first class in “spiritual writing”, and one of the wonderful women I met shared about how the symbols she has seen in her physical environment have made her aware of mental situations for herself and others.

My mind grabbed a hold of that concept pretty hard.  Well, where could that be showing up in my life?  This week it’s been my car.  I’ve been neglecting my car, and circumstances this week forced me to get the ball rolling.  A flat tire last month and a need for alignment were abruptly shifted to the top of my priority list after my windshield wipers also went ker-plooey this past weekend.  (I panicked when I saw the forecast for rain all this week!)  It’s crazy how one little piece of your car can be so . . .  important, how the loss of one little function can potentially be so debilitating. . .

So, I thought about my car.  If I were to look at my life in symbols, as I would with my dreams, I would view my car as my body.   Are there ways that I am neglecting my body?


I am doing some great things these days: I have cut out most sugars for the week.  I am cutting back on meat.  I cut out fast food.  I have a lot to be proud of and grateful for!

However, there are some areas that need work. I only exercised once last week and didn’t even schedule the other days.  I need to intake more calories and make sure I schedule in time to eat lunch and dinner, instead of always eating on the run.  I need to limit my time working/Facebooking on the computer.  I need to take more breaks, and it’s time to get back into meditation and my other quiet reflections.  I have an ideal morning ritual that I plan to start tomorrow, including grounding by walking outside in my bare feet as I take the dogs out, meditation, mirror concentration, journal writing and spiritual writing, and my “Morning Mentor” motivational minutes.

I’m really excited about the changes I continue to make in my life.  I can feel it in the lightness and happiness that is seeping through my body (and hopefully radiating to others!)

What is popping for you this week?  Are you seeing?  Are you listening?

Have a wonderful day!  Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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