It became clear to me today that I am at the verge of a shift in thinking.  I’ve been moving through a process of 3 stages.

First: “I can’t believe that happened!”

Second: “Isn’t that interesting how that happened?”

Third (NOW!): “Of course that happened!”

The universe is in a constant state of change, and we can be in one of these roles in relation to it:

  1. couch potatoes We are stagnant. We are behind the times.  We are comfortable with where we are, and we stay where we are.  It feels like the world is moving too fast for us, and we don’t approach change.  We run and hide from it, and when it has caught up to us, it drags us in, kicking and screaming.
  2. surfers We’re on par with the universe.  We ride its webs and flows.  We may not see the wave coming at first, but we handle it and handle it smoothly.  We get back up on our board when we need to.  We may take some time to reflect back and learn from our experiences.
  3. creators  We’re ahead of our world because we are intent on growth, and we are changing ourselves faster than the average person.  We set up circumstances in our environment and in our minds with the purpose of learning.

Where are you in the mix?  And where do you want to be?  Much love and many blessings to you all. ❤

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