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This image has been clear in my head this past week.

So, why have I made the leap?

  1. It increases the capacity for growth.
  2. My perspective becomes more expansive.
  3. I am trusting and loving myself.
  4. My life is more fulfilling. (I love my life!)
  5. Jealousy, frustration, and stagnation disappear.
  6. The angels are telling me I’m on the right path.
  7. I expect miracles!



  1. Wake up at 5:30am.  Was so bummed.  Alarm never went off.  Tomorrow’s another day!
  2. Try new contacts —Hmm. . . nope.
  3. Two-hand point at myself and tell myself “I love you, Self!”  and “Teri, you are larger than life!” every time I pass a mirror. — Still . . . not remembering this.  Tomorrow’s another day!
  4. Swim — Didn’t wake up in time. 
  5. Blog (even if it’s just a sentence) — Check!
  6. Continue my new spiritual exercise. — Check!
  7. Have an awesome networking meeting. Check!
  8. Have an awesome financial meeting. — Yep!  Pretty awesome.
  9. Have an awesome Metaphysics class and leadership meeting. Yes!
  10. Have 7 kick-butt lessons with students! I did!
  11. Watch 3 minutes of a travel video (Hawaii). Hmm. . .  Nope.  Forgot.  Did have some travel conversation today, though.
  12. Gather games for Metaphysical Game Night Hmm. . . Tomorrow.  Did choose them, though!
  13. E-mail DreamBuilder friends Soon!

For Tomorrow:(Same 1st 6)8. Take care of bidness. 9. Have an awesome one-to-one from my Facebook business group.   10. Have a kick-butt time with my sister’s class.  11. Have a kick-butt game night.  12. Watch 3 minutes of a travel video (California). 13. Complete 1/3 of Dream Tabulation.

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