I feel I’m following a path of 1’s and 2’s this month. (And the day of this post is 11-2!)  I’m experiencing an unprecedented level of synchronicity/connectedness, and it is amazing.  At this moment I am listening to the introduction of Deepak Chopra’s 21-day meditation (21!), and the total time of the audio 21:22.  I feel like Alice . . .  I’m sliding down (up?) the 2s and 1s rabbit hole!  Here’s the link to the 21-day meditation.  The focus is gratitude and grace.  If you choose to participate in this experience, please share about your experience in the comments below.

Here is the inspirational message from the angels for 1’s and 2’s from Joanne Sacred Scribes:

“The combination of 2’s and 1’s indicate that your thoughts are like seeds  about to sprout and are a sign that things will be going in your desired direction.  There may be some new directions or opportunities to take which will lead to fulfillment and personal happiness.  The message is to keep the faith, knowing that the Universe and your angels are behind you all the way.”

I am grateful for the love and connection I share with all of you. ❤

Yours in spirit,

Teri K. ❤

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Comments on: "Angel Numbers/Numerology: 1’s and 2’s" (2)

  1. My life is always full of 1, 2, 9 & 12’s. It’s always been that way, but it the presence of them has always been calming, a reassurance I am on the right path. 🙂

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