Mary, Mary Everywhere

I’ve always been attracted to Mother Mary.  I’ve probably mentioned this before.  I grew up Catholic, and even after I left that path, I never lost my attachment to the Blessed Mother.  In my parents’ house I walked by Mary of Medjugorje in our hallway every day.


The only gift I’ve ever wanted back is the Virgen of Guadalupe I gave my grandma after my trip to Mexico.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I was fascinated and thrilled by the Mists of Avalon, and the comparison at the end of Mary to the Mother Goddess.


And throughout my ups and downs with religion and spirituality, I kept this on my wall:


The more I think on it, the more the theme emerges.  What did I choose for my confirmation name?  Mary.  (Who more perfect to choose as a saint?)

And when I met with my friend Lori for an energy session, who do you suppose she said that she saw behind me?  Though I didn’t understand it, my heart leapt for joy!

raphael and mother mary

I bring this up now because the synchronicities are recently becoming closer together.  At a Mind Body Spirit Expo last month I learned about Mary as an Ascended Master.  Just this week my teacher talked about receiving a vision of Mary.  Just yesterday my friend posted about a novena to Mary, and also my Mary, Queen of Angels cards arrived in the mail.



A few nights ago I invited Mary into my life to guide me in love and service.  . .  and I think she listened. ❤

Love and blessings to all you souls out there. ❤

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