I got a sneak peek at my health analysis today.  We’ve gotta burn a copy of it before I can take it home for good.  It’s thrilling to see that I’ve made progress since my last health analysis 2 years ago.  New mental, emotional, and physical issues!  But I can sense the maturity with the new report.  I’ve unpeeled another layer — or from another perspective — I’ve upped my awareness a notch or two.

I had quite a metaphysical evening.  Brian helped me better understand some of my attachments and stubborness to my ideas (as mentioned in my report).  My sister, mom, and I also swapped angel number and synchronicity stories.  And then the evening ended with a very pleasant Dream Catchers Meetup with a whopping 11 people, including 5 people from the community.  At this meetup we shared and interpreted a bunch of dreams, and some people shared about precognitive dreams, visitation dreams, shared dreams, and being an empath!  There is so much out there beyond what I’ve experienced with these 5 senses.  How many people are out there who have had experiences like these?  I feel I’ve only scratched the surface. . .

Love, light, and joy to you all! ❤

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