Astrological Pattern Fun

I didn’t leave myself much time to write tonight.  (My new goal is to be in bed at mindnight and up at 6am!)  So, I just want to share a fun thought: Take a look at the astrological signs that surround you in your life.

My parents are Taurus & Leo, 2 of my students are Taurus & Leo (and the Taurus is married to a Leo), and I have a close friend who is a Taurus who has had a Leo girlfriend.  And all 3 of them are experiencing similar situations!  Why is this in my life?

We say in the school that the students that are attracted to our class are in our particular class for a reason.  And as I’ve experienced,the similarities between us can be amazing! My new class has a Cancer — the sign of my best friend all through public school and a Virgo — (my sign!).  And my last student is an Aquarius, the same sign as my fiancee.

And Libras have been poking in and out.  One of my students who left my class is a Libra.  One of my brand new students who has left the new class is also a Libra.  AND Sherwin’s new student on Tuesdays nights?  A Libra, of course. Not only that, Libra is the sign of the scales, which is really related to my dharma AND I am only days away from being a Libra myself.

Pretty neat to think about.  I would love to hear about your particular sign and which signs keep popping up in your life!

Love and joy to you all. ❤

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