I’m on Fire!

I love watching inspirational stuff.  Today these two items totally revved me up.  I’m ready for rebirth.  I’m ready to express the true me!

First this:

The genius of this man had me laughing, crying, and completely inspired!  The beauty of his uniqueness, creativity, and integrity with living with his truth completely blew my mind.  I’m going to be my own Demitri Martin!  Thank you to my friend John McGleam for responding to one of my goofy Facebook posts and inspiring me to start my day off with a bang!

And then this, too:

(Check out Dressing Your Truth on-line to get started!)

I’ve started watching the free videos, and I intend to take this all of the way.  Thank your, Dr. Christine Madar for planting this seed!  (And again, amazing subconscious connection work here.  I was inspired to tell Dr. Christine again how much I love how she presents herself with her dress, and she told me how to do it myself!)  I was already noticing ways that people have dressed and done their hair, and I’ve reflected about what clothes and styles I gravitate to.  Today I’ve started developing some images and some steps, and I’m ready to start my metamorphosis!

Here’s to all of you.  May you have a completely amazing, grateful-for-being-alive type of  day! ❤

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