Angels and Darkness

ID-100100654On Angels. . .

I had the lovely thought today that the angels are actually in constant communication with me.  Why not?  If they are with me always, why do I feel I need to wait to hear from them?  Why always be connected?  A few posts ago I mentioned that I woke up one morning and the kitchen faucet was running.  A few days later my sister had the same experience in her downstairs bathroom.  I suspected angels were at play, and this was confirmed by a friend at this past weekend’s teacher’s conference in Missouri.  She said the first was my cats (as suspected), but the 2nd was an angel/past loved one letting me know that he/she was with me (and my sister!).  Then just last night I had a similar experience.  As I was leaving class and heading into the parking lot, the streetlamp went out.  “How inconvenient!” I thought, as I fished around in the darkness for my keys.  After parking my car in the garage, I decided to walk out to the mailboxes and get my mail before going in.  Just as I reached the mailbox, again, the streetlamp flickered out.  Again, I fiddled with keys in the darkness.  Coincidence?  I’m beginning to think coincidences are just our angels chatting with us.  Or maybe our inner self.  The higher parts of ourselves and higher beings around us communicate their love and support through patterns and through synchronicities.  Look for these.  Do you keep seeing the same number sequences?  Do the messages in the radio songs communicate exactly what you needed to hear?  Do words jump out at you from pages?  The true nature of reality is connectedness. So, these angel messages are a comforting reminder of this.  Check out my most recent angel patterns of repeated 3’s  and 1’s and 2’s.  (They are pretty sweet!)


On Darkness. . .

I discovered a new aspect of myself today, and I don’t like it.  I call it “The Self-Sabotager.”  And it frightens me.  I have received messages from angels and intuitives that the universe is ready to give — but I am not willing to receive.  Is this the work of the self-sabotager?  Is this why I have sometimes struggled to manifest?  My metaphysics teacher has given me the assignment to keep a record of my thoughts (particularly the negative ones) and to begin identifying different aspects of myself — and to draw pictures of each one.  I have lately identified “Fear”, “The Doubter”, “Ms. Failure”, and “The Perfectionist.”  But this most recent one has frightened me the most.  This morning Brian gave me a referral for my business, and I felt an emotional response akin to a firm resistance.  I was shocked.  Why was I responding this way?  Why wouldn’t I want the best for myself?  I realized then that I’d been noticing this in the presence of others, too — a subtle, undercurrent of satisfaction at others’ inability to succeed.  Where does this come from?  What does this mean?

It clearly has something to do with ego.  It is a sense of separateness that prevents my light from shining and that disconnects me from others.  I once told my previous metaphysics teacher that there was a part of me that was afraid of my superconscious.  I don’t think she believed me.   But, now, I’m convinced it’s true.  There is a part of me that does not want me to succeed.  There is a part of me that is comfortable with failure and even derives pleasure from it.  I still don’t understand why.  Maybe there is a fear that my ego will dissolve in the brilliance and connectedness of the universe.  But whatever the reason, I don’t want this part interfering anymore.  It’s time to change.  It’s time for alignment, entrainment.  It’s time to let my light shine and bring my dark parts into the spotlight, to see them for what they are and to call them out.  They will not longer direct me from the shadows.  Truly, the possibilities are endless.  I am wall-less.  I am imagination incarned.  I am freedom.  I am light.

Blessings and endless possibilities to all of you for the highest good. ❤


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