On Oneness . . .

A lot of synchronicities lately.  I think that’s a good sign.  Yesterday I mentioned that some of the things on my 10 Most Wanted List came up.  Today it was songs and prayers.  Last week an old protection prayer popped into my head.  My mom had given it to me on a small laminated card:

The Light of God Surrounds Me

The Love of God Enfolds Me

The Power of God Protects Me

The Presence of God Watches Over Me

Wherever I am, God Is.

I shared this prayer with my students in class Tuesday night.  5 days later this is the prayer said at the Dupage Spiritual Center service that I came to from Meetup.  In this same service we sang the peace song “Let There Be Peace On Earth,” which one of my students tonight that she wants to include in the Spiritual Ethics course that she will be teaching.

Energy Ups and Downs

I’m fascinated lately by the progression of my energy level.  My energy seems to be affected by the foods that I eat.  Heavy amounts of sugar, bread, and meat can have debilitating effects on me.  I can become completely unmotivated, lethargic, and ornery.  I’ve also noticed my thoughts and environment have a huge effect on my energy.  At this moment it is 11:30pm, and I am beginning to feel a little tired.  Earlier today I felt the need to take a 15-minute nap on the floor.  One hour after this I was up and running.   I am motivated by purpose.  I am motivated by fulfilling a need.  I am motivated by places of love, devotion, and service.  I can’t wait to get my intuitive health analysis report.  We’re bringing it in this weekend, and I will hopefully have it back in the next few weeks.

Dream A Little Dream

I don’t remember much about my dreams this morning.  But I do remember one part: I was hugging two different men.  The first hug wasn’t a big deal.  But during the second hug I said to the guy: “Why do you have to be so hot?”  I had some kind of inkling in the back of my mind that I couldn’t be with this guy (maybe that I was attached to someone else?)  I’m not quite sure what part of me he represents.  Something subconscious and attractive — but seemingly out of my reach!  I think this means I need to continue to try to know myself better.  I still have a lot of unconscious thoughts that I need to bring to the surface.

I just want to add to this that I was reminded today that I am really happy with my life.  I feel really, truly blessed.  And the more that I focus on the things that really matter in this life, the even happier and fulfilled I know I’ll become.

I send you light and love. ❤

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