It’s been a very interesting day.  I woke and wrote down my dreams, and I felt on top of the world for some reason, very happy and at peace.  I thought I heard the sound of rushing water downstairs, and I couldn’t identify it.  Was it raining outside?  Was it the dishwasher?  I settled on it being the fan and took my shower and got ready.

When I finally came downstairs I was shocked to find the kitchen sink running.  Was Brian declogging a drain?  I then saw that one of our Shaklee All-Purpose cleaner bottles was lodged under the handle of the faucet.  I removed it and stopped the water.  “Must have been the cats,” I thought.  But I was upset that we had wasted so much water (How much?) and I wondered at the bizareness of the scenario.  The bottle was knocked down AND perfectly lodged under the handle? . . .  Was  some entity messing with me?  Has anyone had something similar happen to them? Or maybe I could look at it symbolically — a flow of perfectly good conscious life experiences going unnoticed, wasted . . .

I’m amused with how my mind works.  I set a monetary goal for the week (put it on my 10 Most Wanted) and made it — and I felt odd about it.  My friend — who also happens to be a fellow Virgo — says it may be related to the Virgo mindset that everything earned must come from hard work; life doesn’t come easy.  She asked if I could let myself just be happy.  And I listened and thought: “Yes!  I think I can.”  I am definitely making some progress.

And I think it’s funny that I purposely wore my “Ask Me About Your Dreams” shirt to the party I went to tonight, and was then completely thrown off when people actually asked me about it!  I’m beginning to see how my mind is not as aligned and receptive as I would like it to be! I had some really great interactions with people today, though.  I was really helpful during my sub position today with the high school students with learning challenges.  I was able to socialize with many people at the party tonight with almost complete concentration, attention, and care and without feeling bored or drained.

I would like to end the evening with an analysis of this morning’s dreams in preparation for the dreams I will receive tonight:

1) Trying to make an appointment to get together with a friend (estranged in real life).  She’s been incapacitated and now is close to fully recovered.  We are texting through the computer.  I have a little of a respiratory thing going on.  When I record my message there is a lot of crazy static-y noise, like garbled words.  We are looking at times and events in October.  She doesn’t want to do as early as soon as next weekend because she isn’t fully recovered.  We think about times and maybe Sunday morning is best.

2) Talking with the director of the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics and maybe other SOM people.  He mentions on how Sunday mornings he likes to visit different churches, etc.  That’s where he was, what he’s been doing.  I want to say I’ve been busy.  But I realize I’ve been having fun, taking walks. 

3) At a wedding reception.  I am sitting next to one of my uncles.  He puts down some sort of pad, notebook.  Its weight is bothering me for some reason, so I try to put something around it.  He asks what I’m doing.  I try to kind of explain.  He says he’s leaving.  He abruptly gets up.  I say “Don’t go.”  It is explained to me that he’s feeling uncomfortable.  This event reminds him of his divorce.  They have not been talking about it as a family but it’s necessary to do so, to get it out.  I don’t feel so bad that he’s left now; it wasn’t about me; but I realize I went to the event to connect with someone, help someone, and I didn’t realize the person to do this with was sitting right next to me.  I need to expand my perception.

4)I am led to a room.  My uncle’s things are are on shelving like the Bolingbrook director’s, but a little less permanent.  Something is mentioned about how all of the furniture was taken away.  Maybe something about technology.  Something about the uncles outside.  In the room are porcelain figurines all around.  I suddenly brush one of them, and I back away slowly so I don’t destroy any. 

5)Something with a tornado or potential tornado.  We are looking to the sky.  Maybe disagreement about what will form.   (Into the house for protection?)

I see from these dreams a need to be aware of what I’m holding in my mind and how I’m using my mind.  In the first segment I am reconnecting with a part of myself that has been closed out and misunderstood.  There’s a lot of “brainy” attempts at communication, and this part of me is still slow to move forward, perhaps related to my work with procrastination and allowing myself to be “sloppy” — which is going GREAT, by the way! 🙂 2) Part 2 seems to be related to how I’m trying to understand the Law of Proper Perspective and what’s in the best interest of my true self and the world. In the third, I have the duality of the wedding reception and the mention of divorce.  I think this must be related to my desire to be more committed to my inner self and my need to acknowledge the struggles I’ve gone through in the process (and how far I’ve come!) What strikes me about the 4th is the temporary, less stable shelves with the very delicate porcelain figurines.  The shelving suggests temporary storage to me, and I see porcelain items as fairly useless — something you can’t really use or play with.  Perhaps I am temporarily storing pretty baubles (mind thoughts) that have no use for me! Finally, the 5th suggests I’m pretty aware of  the potential of my mind’s inner turmoil.

I believe I was fairly focused today.  We’ll see how that turns out in my dreams.  By the way, subconscious mind. . .  I’m not going to incubate this, but — if you can give me some insight in my dreams about the weird kitchen faucet incident this morning. . .  that would be fantastic.  Thanks. 🙂

I send you light and love.

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  1. Nice interesting post.

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