Circuit Training

This morning I dreamt that my parents had died.  And at the end of the dream I discovered they weren’t dead — it had all been a misunderstanding.  Since, I knew it was symbolic, the content of the dream didn’t bother me so much as the feeling I had during the dream that carried through into waking.  I had a sense of being lost, alone.  I called my metaphysics teacher and spoke with him about it.  My parents represent my superconscious mind and some misunderstandings I was having with it.   Just having my parents in my dream is a good sign that I have my attention on my higher self and what I’m experiencing with it.   Today during class we talked about our purpose for doing things and how resistance in our life is really resistance against ourselves.  We looked at my exercises and how I sometimes didn’t want to do them at the end of the day when I was feeling “burnt out”.  The resistance I was experiencing was a resistance to my higher good to my higher self.

This has inspired me to blog about the dream circuit and about my general process and progress with understandings.   I have wanted a deeper purpose with my blog, and I think I’ve found it.  Here is a chance to learn more about myself while also potentially helping others.   I would like to blog every night before going to sleep.  I may want to incubate dreams.

I would just like to add today that I had a pretty fulfilling day.  I started the day with yoga class, and felt a wonderful stretch throughout my body.  As soon as I got home, I meditated with Brian and had a great experience.  I followed this up with my concentration exercise.  I then had some great work experiences in the classroom and in tutoring that energized me. I’m beginning to see a bit how I can make a difference in my students’ lives even beyond academics.  Class was great tonight, too, and I was able to hold calm during  some minorly challenging circumstances.  I experienced some irritation right before bed and writing this, and this is the last thing I reflect on before going to sleep.  What caused me to lose some of my centeredness?  It’s a need for tolerance for myself and those in the household.  One more exercise to finish before I go to sleep.

Sweet dreams. . .

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