ID-100294499“Then, why did we get a dog?”

My eyes burn angry holes into Brian’s back as he stomps up the stairs to take a shower.  He had told me to keep an eye on Leia.  I had just retorted that I wasn’t going to just sit around and watch her every move.

So, why was I so upset?  Because the question had struck me a little raw.  Why did we get a dog?  I didn’t know.

Was this a part of my desire for chaos?  A misdirected need for movement and creation in my life?  Or had I been drawn to this new phase of our lives?  Had I been drawn to this dog in particular?

Our new addition to the family is not what I had expected.  When we first introduced her to Bowser back at the shelter, she had been a cowering little 3-year-old Chihuahua mix.  “Where was the Chihuahua part?” we wondered.  Even when we took her home, I didn’t hear her make a peep.  We began to wonder if she even had a voice box!  2 weeks later, after getting accustomed to her new home and recovering from vaccines and a respiratory illness, the TRUE Leia began to shine through — including a hearty bark and the energetic temperament of a puppy!

Everything’s going to be fine, of course.  This all just feels like another thing that’s turning my comfortable world upside-down without my permission.  (I will change on  terms, darn-nit!)

I believe Leia is another piece to my lesson on tolerance.  I continue to be frustrated with circumstances outside of my control, and I need to accept what is. This has been a big lesson for me, so this may be the theme of the week!  Or the month!  (Universe, help me!)

Have a wonderful, beautiful day, everyone!  May it be filled with much tolerance, understanding, and love. ❤

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