ID-100112523I received a wonderful sign from my angels last month.  I’m very into numbers, and I’ve been looking into their meanings over the last few years.

I was driving to class, and I noticed the license plate  of the car directly in front of me: “THINK 5”.  5 in Numerology is “change”.  This seemed like a pretty obvious message.  Then, I glanced at the time on the clock.  It was 5:55.  Now, the angels really had my attention!  I thought for a minute and was startled when I realized what day it was.  May 15, 2015.  5/15/15.  OK!  If there was any doubt in this synchronicity, this last sign had now cemented my belief!  “Change. . .  hmm?”  I thought.  “Ok, I am ready! ”

I thought about what that change could be.  What form would it take?  What newness would come into my life?  I waited expectantly.  It took some weeks of pondering and the assistance of my School of Metaphysics lessons (always so applicable to my current situations!) to realize I had it all backwards.  THINK CHANGE didn’t mean to watch for change.  It didn’t mean that change was going to happen to me.  THINK CHANGE mean that change would come from me.

This is affirmed by one of the books I just started reading: Angels Whisper in My Ear, a book by Kyle Gray, the Angel Whisperer.  In his Preface he says: “Angels don’t want us to rely on them, nor will they let us — they encourage us every day to realize our own power so that we can surmount our setbacks — but they will support us.”

Thought is cause.  I cause change.  We cause change.  And the angels are saying the time is now!  What are you causing in your life right now?  Are you ready to grow, young caterpillar?  Are you ready to change?

Let’s do this!

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