A New World

I had a regular sub job today, and I felt really good about it, even excited going into it.  It was a teacher’s assistant job, and I spent the day in a couple rooms.  The actual job wasn’t particularly extraordinary and was thankfully low-key.  The teachers were super nice, the school was beautiful, the students were fairly responsive to direction.

However, I decided to take more advantage of my experiences and opportunities today, and THAT made the difference.  Usually I notice all of the neat things in a classroom, and I make a mental note.  Today I wrote them down.  Sometimes I feel like I should an urge to make a connection with someone, and today I did — two!

And I followed the day with great conversation with a friend and with some mind mapping, blog listening, and a Society for Intuitive Research Meeting!

Here are my Marvelous (Top) 12s today for creativity —  and today, mostly inspired!

1. I saw a girl with two braids, one running across the side of her head, and one a regular drop from below.  Such creativity!

2. A great fact family game with white boards and dice!

3. Even/Odd poster visuals.  Ev  en     Od d   Genius!  And side-by-side columns with numbers and construction paper squares to represent the difference!

4. P.I.E.  in an actual pie chart standing for persuade, inform, and entertain!

5. A thermometer with color bands along the edge.  Tell what “color” the day is by matching the temperature number with the color!

6. Egg final product design.  It was used for locations, starting with town, then state, then country, etc.  Progressively larger eggs, all pinned together at the top.  When you rotate the eggs out from each other, it makes a beautiful flower-like design!

7. Storyboard flip strip.  I’ve seen this before and need to use it!  Fold a piece of construction paper in half, split the top half evenly into 4, and cut those.  Creates a great flip up strip for any subject!

8. Created a mind map on a white poster board with “Ideal Life” as the seed idea.  Still a work in progress . . . more on this later.

9. Spoke with a teacher about swapping business.  We may possibly team up and do small group reading groups together, too!

10. Learned a little about clearing up your space with herbs — my living space could definitely use a spiritual uplifting! 🙂

11. Maybe I’ve found a possible passion — interviewing marvelous people and writing their stories!  I met a marvelous social worker who seems to be a creative and borrowing genius! I knew I had to tell her so!  A couple of her many claims to fame are her sound wand for getting attention and her mini stars for positive reinforcement.  When I saw that she liked Have You Filled A Bucket Today?, that sealed the deal!  I stopped by her office when the day was over and had a lovely chat, swapping information, talking about changing times, and mourning societal changes from preventative to reactionary.  I love getting to know people and creating connections!

12.Participated in a long dialog with others at our SIR meeting about personal acceptance and expressing who we really are.  This has been on my mind a lot lately.  Do you also ever wonder: if people knew all of me, would they really love me?

Hiya! What have you created lately?

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