Daily Creativity

My Atlantean Intuitive Report last summer was all about my need to create.  I was a dabbling explorer that experienced and measured my own creations.  Today I do the same.  I need to use my intuitive mind to create new things and then explore my creations.  Basically I’m going to need to play! So, every day I want to be conscious of at least one creation.  And I want to write about it more here for a while — my creations and my shared creations.

Here are my Top 6 so far this week:

1. This week in tutoring one of my students came up with a great idea for a compilation project.  We were thinking about poetry, and he thought about creating a book that is written by him and me.  We both create poems and also there is a teacher student dialog between us.  Genius.

2. Today I had another great student inspiration.  One of my students wrote “sincelery” instead of sincerely.  I said, “New word!  Genius!” What could this word mean?  Something with celery?  She had some great ideas; I should have written them down!

3. Today I turned a “whoops!” into a potential future art project!  I was making a copy of some documents for a one-on-one meeting, and I realized I had accidentally left a photograph on the copy machine from one of my collage projects.  My business document now had a photograph laying across the page.  Looked so wonderful and artsy.  I thought: Maybe I could do this on purpose!  Make some statement!  What do you think?  How could you have fun with this?

4. I am starting to gather some of my female friends together of all ages who have very similar interests that I would like to connect.  This, too, I realize is a creation, the joining of like minds.

5. We had a huge response to our latest DreamCatchers event tonight, more than we’ve ever had before.  15 people!  And 10 from the community!  I know DreamCatchers is a shared vision, and I know I was definitely part of it  I also saw myself a little more clearly.  I recognized again that I like people to feel welcome and comfortable.  I want them to be able to fully participate and to be heard.

6. Yesterday I created a bit more of a new “me.”  My teacher invited me to express myself (something that can be very hard for me to do!), and I felt a huge load lifted.  I became light again — even lighter!  I was hoping it would show up in my dreams, and I believe it did.  I had this huge space in this unfamiliar place.  I knew it belonged to me, and the room was bigger than any normal room.  My mind is expanding!

Please share your own creations below.  And what are you seeing in yourself, learning about yourself?

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