Here I Am Today

ID-100137008I don’t really know what to write today.  I just really want to write.  I’m a bit tired.  Subbing is a good stretch for me.  If you want to challenge a Virgo, put her in a completely new environment.  If you really want to challenge her, don’t give her sub plans.  Or change the sub plans midway through.  Or give her old sub plans that the kids tell her don’t apply anymore. Or give the plans to a leprechaun who hides the sub plans behind his back, does a little Irish jig, and then runs from you as you chase him about the room.

Today I really appreciated the quiet.  Sometimes I don’t like the quiet — but today I really appreciated it.  I desire to be in a state of happiness, calmness as much as possible.   I felt a little out of sorts today in the busy environment today, and  I realized how important it is to establish internal quiet.

I wish you all a wonderful St. Patty’s Day. May it be as calm — or rambunctious  –as you wish!

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