I didn’t have the will this morning.  I couldn’t recall my dreams.  I could have.  They were on the tip of my consciousness, but I let them go. 😦  Had a dream recently about computer games/video games.  I feel this symbol and everything else in my life is pointing to my mind being overly cluttered.

I will be disappearing again for the next 4 days because I’m going to one more Spiritual Focus Session this summer — Atlantis!  I will be learning about thousands and thousands of years ago when my soul first became entrapped in my body.  Very exciting!  I’m still trying to figure out what questions I want to ask.  (More to follow.)

And finally, I am branching out!  I am now also an author on Lifehack!  So, please check out my articles:

10 Things You Should Say “Yes” to More Often for a More Fulfilling Life

11 Small Things Anyone (Including You!) Can Do to Make the World Better


Have a wonderful day and weekend!

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