Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

I was looking for a parapsychology/graphology club meetup that I’d visited some months ago when my classmate had given a metaphysics lecture there.  I remembered that they met the first Friday of the month at the Panera right by my house, so I checked it out today.  Pretty much no parapsychology people today, but the graphology club was there.  Brian went with, and we learned a bit about handwriting analysis and the history  of the group, and then they analyzed our handwriting samples to see if Brian and I were a match.  (Turns out we’ll be fine.  Phew! :-))

My favorite parts of the analysis were 1) When they identified that I would not be the type to want to sit behind a desk; I would want to be mobile and 2) When they said Brian was the type who needed some time to himself, and I was the type who wanted a lot of activity.  (Yes and Yes!)  Somehow that gave me a bit of a perspective on things, helped me understand why we keep butting heads — him wanting to stay home and me wanting to be out.  Not sure yet how to compromise on #2.  As they analyzed — I can be pretty stubborn!  What has ended up happening has been that I’ve been out quite a bit, and he’s been home quite a bit.  This seemed like the perfect solution to me,  but has not been ideal for him. (It’s a process.)

It was funny and cute the way they asked us if we were still going to stay together after what we’d learned about each other, when really — we’ve been together so long that it’s pretty much as if we’re already married. . .

So, as much as I was hoping for more parapsychology, I do also enjoy any kind of personality analysis.  Brian and I both had a good time, and I plan to check out some of their future meetups.


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