Image courtesy of arztsamui/

Image courtesy of arztsamui/

I’ve been having a lot of litterbox dreams lately.  I may ask about that symbol tonight, along with a few symbols from others’ dreams.  There’s usually something crazy going on with the litterbox.  Sometimes it’s overflowing.  This morning it was nasty because there was a water leak from somewhere.  Some kind of conscious mind experiences are making things messy!

Yesterday I had some interesting dreams that I’d like to share for today:

#1 My hubbie and I have become part of a scheme to make children high in iron.  (In the jungle?) This will be popular im the states.  I have produced twin babies, darker skinned.  (They look to be age 2.) I have also produced a young child, a bit lighter skinned with curly hair.  (Looks to be 4 or 5.)  The person who has organized this scheme tells me that the twins are too dark, but they will take the light-skinned child.  I never wanted children, but now that I’ve seen them, I do not want to give any children up.  Apparently there is a signed paper.  I refuse to sign it.  I say I will never sign it, that I am persistent (to woman behind desk).  We have turned the doorknob to the office around to try to help ourselves (me and partner).  They have already fixed it.  (Maybe more children then taken from others.)

#2 People arrive on island.  Big huge beast with people-sized large cage (like terminator cages) is walking about advertising bringing people to Beast Island.  (a park?) There are beasts in the cage, which it sweeps out with one hand to make room.  Looks kind of like claymation.

#3 Dad comments about condition of house (parents’-looking house, actually).  And how we may end up moving back in with parents.  I am very upset with the comment but hold my tongue and say something like it is an interesting comment.

#4 Some girls come by the house .  __________.  I’m sitting in neighbor’s yard across the street.  The door is unlocked and they walk in.  I yell and run after them.  They say the door was open. I say, yeah, because I was right there.  A girl is freaked out because of drawings of stick people.  It seems she’s afraid, maybe they were doing witchcraft.  I am trying to draw what she said, but I end up drawing a butterfly.  It is really pretty, and I admire it, but it was not what she was describing to me.

#5 Girl was sitting with me.  Meeting of adults going on in next room.  She makes loud noises.  I sternly remind her of meeting.

In the first dream I’ve created some things (ideas, or manifestations), and I’m struggling with what to do with them.  I have an attachment and am not ready to give them up (whether I should or not).  The second dream is just creepy.  The beast would be an unknown aspect, probably more of a habit, that is trying to trick me into taking me into a dark place. It’s likely this has to do with my doubts, fears, and general negative thinking.  In the third one, it seems my superconscious/spirit part of me is telling me to clean up my act, clear up my mind!  And though the first dream seems really important, the fourth dream is my favorite.  I am fascinated by my butterfly drawing.  It was a beautiful creation and had nothing to do with what I was receiving.  It seems I was transforming these negative images (again, perhaps related to fear and doubt) — negative imagination, into something beautiful.  I saw another butterfly image the next day, so I think there is definitely some kind of message there.  Finally, I think the 5th dream is reminding me again to reel in my conscious mind.  Whatever I’m working on in the meeting is likely important.  A conscious part of me is randomly disrupting it!

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