Metaphysics Monday: I’m Gonna Walk By Faith

Early Education Enrichment @ the Plainfield Fest!
Early Education Enrichment @ the Plainfield Fest!


I’ve been a little shaken AND stirred these last few days. I’m starting both a new business AND a new metaphysics class AND my classmates and I have a fundraiser this coming weekend.  It is pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone — which is good for me, but painful, nevertheless.  It’s hard for me to steer clear of the whirlpool emotion of despair that tries to ensnare me when things don’t go as picture perfectly as I hope they will go.  It’s also hard for me to approach people, which all three of these events have required me to do.

I’ve done a little mental reframing and a little financial reorganization, and I’m going to look at this year as a great chance to get to know people.  I’ve been meaning to volunteer, and my intuitive reports have emphasized the importance of service and being connected to others.  So, I’m going to make this make this a year of community involvement.

Time to get out of my head and into the world!

If any of you have a favorite volunteer organization, please share!


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