Tomorrow I leave for a wonderful back-to-back spiritual focus weekends, in which I will learn my healing quality and about the power of my intuition.  Afterward I will have a fabulous summary post that I’m sure will be very metaphysical . . . and . . .  fun. 🙂  Tonight I’m grateful for completion.

I am grateful for:

  • Getting the last shelving unit in the office — a story for another time. . .
  • Getting shelving units put together — also a fun experience!
  • Bonding time with sis’.
  • Getting the main level clean — including floors!  And super awesome Scour Off on the sink!
  • Getting my classroom set up.
  • Experiencing visiting and speaking with the park district and YMCA with Cindy
  • Visiting the Joliet Library and cafe
  • Getting flyers and business cards posted by the Joliet Library cafe.
  • Taking Bowser in for a hair cut.
  • Getting my promotional materials in.
  • Getting my pop-up tent.
  • Getting my shocks and tires replaced and oil changed.
  • Being able to cross off other things from my list because others helped me out — the association power washed the front of our house, and my friend and mechanic cleaned off the rest of the words from my car windows.
  • Getting packed.

I hope you have wonderful, gratitude-filled weekend.  Remember, give thanks, and the angels dance and sing!

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