Tribute Tuesday/Dreamy Wednesday

As a person who depends on routine, I’m going a little crazy with my change in schedule and all the things I still need to get done.  I intend to keep up with the daily blogging as much as possible, though. . .

Tribute Tuesday

Today’s tribute is to small business owners and start-ups in general.  There’s quite a lot of start-up work for a new venture! I’ve got a double-whammy right now starting both a new Metaphysics class and Early Education Enrichment classes.  Promotion, imaging, scheduling, organizing, and financial planning are key right now — and I’m quite a bit overwhelmed.

The exciting part is that I’m really experiencing being a creator right now:  I’ve created a hat, T-shirt, flyers, and a banner.  I also will get to practice communicating and interacting with others as I talk about the classes.  The best part is that I’m fulfilling my life purpose of self-empowerment by learning to take charge and make decisions and understanding and sharing my value.

And I know I have a long and exciting journey ahead!  Small business people, what has your start-up experience been like?

Dreamy Wednesday

I couldn’t remember too much about my dreams last night.  Something about not getting on the right bus with my dad and sister and another part with worrying about having the right papers/materials and contact information for an older couple who was driving away.  The night before I had another zombies dream. The weird part about it was that it was kid of a reverse of World War Z (Brian had it on in the background as I was doing something a few night ago) — if I made a loud screeching noise it held them at bay.  But I found my voice growing hoarse, and I could barely hold them off.

Analysis: Basically I’ve been overwhelmed with changes lately. The changes are all for the good, but I sometimes have trouble dealing with change.  I think the zombies are the unpleasant aspects of myself that I have to face when I lose structure, perhaps the procrastinator, the disorganized one, the panick-er, the resistor, etc. They have seemed to be “dead” because I haven’t had to deal with a complete overhaul in my life for a while.  (But now they’ve been reactivated!)   I’m not sure about the screeching part.  Perhaps I’m needing to express myself, my needs, and my goals clearly and loudly to help me work through the situation.  Instead, I feel my energy waning,, and I’m afraid I’ll be overcome by the darker parts of me.  I believe this morning’s dreams reflect my struggle to organize my new schedule and all of the details of my life.  My sister — a hardworker — and my father — a superconscious aspect  –have boarded the bus — an organization, like the School of Metaphysics.  But I missed it.  This likely symbolizes my need to get on board with my daily exercises and to turn to my spiritual nature for guidance.

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