Today I am thankful for the gifts of the universe.  I am thankful for desires that have come to fruition and for a universe that holds to a positive image, despite negativity and doubt.

In the last week or so I have seen instances when the universe continued on in a rosy hue, despite my doubts and dismissals.  Often in instances when I have assumed the worst — the worst has come to pass.  But not this week.  This week I have been shown that there is a greater good, a higher power, that has much more influence than any of my lower thoughts.  What I hoped for but thought would never be impossible — I am finding is possible.  Things I’ve waited for — seemingly in vain — are sprouting and budding.

So, basically, I am extremely grateful to be proven wrong!  I am grateful to know that light is stronger than my weakness and darkness.  I am grateful to see my positive images manifest and to receive answers to prayers.  The universe has told me to have faith. . .  I am learning to respond.

I am getting a lot of 3’s and 1’s today (besides some 9’s and 1’s — endings and new beginnings!).  This morning I had a conversation with my life purpose coach, and when I hung up, I looked at my phone, and I had been talking for 31:31, and the time was 7:31!  Here was my message from this morning (from Joanne Sacred Scribes):

Angel Number 31 is a message from your angels and the Ascended Masters that your future looks bright and prosperous, so continue living your life with passion and enthusiasm.  Use your natural talents and abilities to their utmost to manifest pleasure, joy and happiness into your life and into that of others.  What you put out to the Universe comes back to you.  Serve your Divine life purpose with confidence and self-belief, safe in the knowledge that you are on the right track.

Angel Number 31 is an indication from your angels that they are helping you to gain a positive and optimistic outlook and are helping to empower you so that you can walk your chosen path with confidence and grace.  Be prepared to expand and develop your personal spirituality in new and exciting ways.

And tonight — just after this blog, appropriately — I got 11:33:

Angel Number 1133 is a powerful message to give your fears, doubts and worries to the angels and the Ascended Masters so that they can be transmuted and healed on your behalf.  You have much spiritual work to do within yourself so that you are fully prepared in every way to fulfill your soul mission and Divine destiny.  Trust that the angels support you completely and surround you with love and protection at all times.  The angels and Universal Energies are working things out for your highest good and helping with your preparations and long-term work.

Angel Number 1133 gives you the courage to fully express yourself and live your life with enthusiasm and optimism, safe in the knowledge that you are well blessed, loved and supported in all that you do.  Live your life with joy, passion and purpose as this will manifest your true desires. Be prepared to expand and increase your spiritual development and awareness and use your knowledge and wisdom for the upliftment of others.

Angel Number 1133 is also a message from your angels  that they are sending you positive energies and signs, so be sure to pay particular attention to your thoughts, ideas and insights as they are giving you information about the next steps to take along your spiritual path.  Any positive changes or projects you are considering right now will be well worth your while, and the angels  will assist you in their undertaking.

Another beautiful blessing. 🙂

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