Not necessarily in this order. . .

Cardinal in the alleyway, Cardinal standing in the road! (Still there!) Another cardinal — 3 in one day! Finch pecking at our screen . . .  Birds, birds birds!  (What are they trying to tell me?)   Dressing up for wedding, my face is a canvas, opt out of glasses . . . . vanity! Short and sweet wedding.  EVERYONE beautifully dressed.  No cake and LOTS of candy!  Not much vegetarian food. . .   Lots of dancing!  New profile picture!  Tutoring — una vez mas — no mucho tiempo — Tiene que estudiar mucho esta semana!  Exercises . . . are  . . . a . . .  struggle . . . Sleeping too much?  Not enough?  Graduation party.  Too early.   “Don’t hide in the corner.”  Quick in and quick out.  Life force exercise outside with friend!  Watch your posture when you meditate!  (Watch your posture always!)  Meetings and healing.  Heady.  Clarity of vision.  Twins!  Visiting friend and past coworker.  New life ahead.  New life for me, too!   Conference call in the park.  Excited and overwhelmed by new venture.  Nervous about stepping out and stepping forward.   Reading book on Mastery.  Recovering from busy weekend.  Gearing up for packed week.  Crazy dreams to match! . . .

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