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I’ve noticed a change in myself.  I’m becoming more aware of my judgements and more aware of my frustrations with situations and people’s reactions that don’t go as I imagine they will (or should).

At first I thought these reactions meant I was coming more into my own, that I was becoming more self-empowered.  But today I reflected on it further.  I believe it does have to do with self-empowerment; However, it means  I am on the road to self-empowerment.  I am not becoming more self-empowered by being more stubborn and opinionated.  Yes, I am beginning to take more notice of myself and what I believe.  I am developing more confidence, strength.  But the frustration itself stems from misunderstanding — we learn in metaphysics class that anger comes from misunderstanding.  So, then, what do I need to understand?

I need to understand self-empowerment!    True self-empowerment.  I cannot change my environment.  I cannot change other people.  I cannot change situations.  But I can change myself.   I can change how I view a situation; I can change how I react to a situation.   And I can become centered within myself; as the world around me spins like crazy, I can maintain my core.  I can know I AM, know my Creator, and know light and love.

And when I know these, truly, truly know all of this — all frustrations will melt away, opinions will be irrelevant, and I will live in eternal joy.

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