Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/

Today I took a nap and got a kite dream.  I remember it took me a while to see the kite at first.  A boy was flying it out from the back of his house.  Then I remember my hands being all entangled in the strings, like stuck to them.

According to the Dreamer’s Dictionary, a kite in a dream means a “recently imaged desire is now being recreated in the inner levels of subconscious mind” and “is on its way to becoming a manifested physical reality.”  Fantabulous!  New job?  Being in a band?  Many possibilities here!  And hands mean purpose, and strings are what you use to control the kite.  So, I would imagine I am getting “stuck” in trying to control this process and have some purpose with it.

Earlier this week I had a dream that one of the teachers was teaching a metaphysics lesson.  And at 8:30 all of the students were leaving class. (It normally goes until 10:30.)  I couldn’t believe they were all leaving!

I was able to directly connect this to my life.  The day before I had been trying to have purpose with the day and think positively, but at some point I had just given up and stubbornly quit, allowing myself my negative tendencies.  The lesson of the dream was to persist!  Continue on!  Learn the lesson!

What have you been dreaming about?  Has anyone else had a kite dream?  Please share below!


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