I was very frustrated with this dream experience because we were supposed to be focusing on “Love” that day, and I couldn’t figure out where love came in.  I shared some of the dreams with my class tonight, and they helped me understand them a bit better.

Dream #1

Dreamt about a nanny position I’ve been waiting to hear back on.  Seemed like the mom might go with me  Some person was telling me that they had turned down the job because the mom was too _____________(paranoid?  double-check-y?)  I then figured I was to be chosen by default.  The mom asked me a question about my car.  She talked about how I stopped and started abruptly while driving.  The back of my car had some damage to it, too.  And asked me about my driving.  I described how I drove (poorly) but said that I wouldn’t drive like that with others in the car with me (thinking of the children).

Dream #2

At work.  They were laying people off.  I was outside of building.  and asked manager-like-person if I was laid off, too.  He said not yet (or something).  (I may have been thinking I would go job hunting when I got laid off.)

Dream #3

Blonde Dancing with the Stars singing kid is looking into store that has clothes identical to what he’s wearing (in store window).  He is talking to himself about wanting to buy stuff.  Clothes are old-time stuff like the 50’s.

The first dream is about the importance of valuing myself, of self-love.  I don’t believe I have earned the position, and I am not taking care of myself, more concerned about others.  I need to love and value myself.

The second dream is about needing to look at my indecisiveness in taking direction with my productivity.  I am hoping my superconsciousness will take care of my decisions for me.  This could really apply to anything.  I often avoid making decisions for fear of making the wrong one.  Instead I want someone else to decide my fate.  Better to make the decision and learn and grow!

The third dream is about needing to look at how I view my self-expression (the clothes) in my imagined self.  My expression may be outdated, and I am seeking expression that I already have.  I need to go shopping in a new store, seek new ways of expressing myself.

Tonight I talked with my teacher about my frustration in not understanding my dreams.  She told me to focus on the main symbols/the main focus of the dream and really work with those.  Though the smaller details can be helpful, it’s good to start with the main chunk of the dream.  I can’t wait for my dreams tonight!  Sweet dreams!


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