This is a suggestion from my mom, inspired by my grandpa’s comment from last night, and modeled after my dad’s amazing shape poems.

Here’s to you all!



*********************moon. Just

********************** a sliver.  Barely

************************enough light for

*************************anything, really. Not

*************************chewy, yellow taffy. Gentle

**************************white hue.  Not enough light

************************** from the sun! Banana moon,

***************************I’d like to peel you, enfolding your

*****************************layers in the inky black darkness.

*****************************a canopy of moonglow to brighten

*****************************the sky.Why aren’t you glorified

*****************************like the eclipse, full, and new

************************moon?  Why don’t you have  your

************************own special name?  Banana

*********************Moon, I will watch for

******************you.   I will sweeten my

************** heavenly fruit salad

*************with you.

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