“How has the study and application of metaphysics quickened my soul’s progression?”

The first step towards change is awareness. My experiences through the School of Metaphysics have first given me a foundation of understanding. I now know of the Akashic records and the power of thought. I know that we are not the physical body, and that we have a Creator. In know how to meditate, what if feels like to be fully present, and what it feels like not to be fully present. I understand the purpose of dreams. I know the importance of emotions.

I am more aware of myself. I am more aware of my food addictions. I recognize my discomfort with my emotions. I experience my insecurity and my desire for positive feedback and reinforcement from others. I know that I am hard on myself. I perceive how critical I am of others. I notice my tendency toward negative thinking. I know that I seek self-empowerment and to be unconditionally loving.

And I have begun to develop myself. I took on the concept of divine friendship and am overcoming my fear of talking with others. I am less attached to the physical world. I am learning not to run away, to no longer use alcohol to drown out my emotions and I’m beginning to notice when I begin to take on the victim role, seeking to complain less and take more responsibility.  I am more aware of my thoughts in general, deciding which I want to focus on and which are unproductive.  I am a more attentive listener. I find things more easily, and I am remembering more – people’s names, things people have said, etc. I am developing my leadership skills through being the Dream Awareness Coordinator, through teaching a class, and through working with other students on student weekends and in creative projects.

I am beginning to see where I am going. I have more direction and purpose in my activities. I have identified my desires and check to see how I’m making progress toward them.

I can see where I will grow. I wish to deepen my relationship with God and strengthen my, faith, hope, and positivity. I wish to always serve for the sake of the greater good. I intend to increase my openness and communication with others, sharing knowledge and anticipating miracles. I want to express more of my emotions; I wish to continue to observe the interactions of others and to learn how to always communicate with love. I intend to trust myself and strengthen my intuition. — I want to be best friends with my subconscious. I wish to forgive and love myself and others just because we are, and I wish to be secure enough in myself that I can be more present with others. I want to become a master of time, to be a manifester, a creator, and to be love incarnate.

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