Belated Saturday

I am finding time management to be a challenge, and it doesn’t get easier.  I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I like struggling with time management.  Maybe it has become y status quo.

I just wanted to post something for Saturday, so here’s what I’ve got:

  • King Corn is a documentary worth seeing — but prepared to be depressed
  • My family and Brian make the best smoothies
  • I need to take a look at constructive criticism, to study it, actually.  It seems to be important and to keep popping up for me (in teaching and beyond).
  • I’m excited about the growth of the Bolingbrook School of Metaphysics community.
  • I had a badly needed heart-to-heart with Brian yesterday, in which I was reminded how much vulnerability (revealing your True Self) draws people closer together and is very sexy!
  • I can’t stop time — yet.
  • A bird was on my windshield.  I don’t know where it came from.  I was driving on the highway, and suddenly I was like: “Huh.  Something is on my windshield.  Did I leave with this on my car?   Is it like a big pile of leaves?  Let me run the windshield wipers. . . . Argh!  It’s a bird!  And it’s alive!”    I drove along for a while (on the highway), not sure what to do.  Finally, I pulled off on the shoulder to figure things out.  Unfortunately, I had a huge skirt on that I had to work with, as I climbed over the passenger side of the car to avoid being mowed down by traffic.  I slowly approached the bird and moved the windshield wiper away. Then I tried to shoo it.  (Didn’t work.)  It was able to move a bit and looked like its feet were fine, but it wouldn’t move from the car.  I didn’t want to mess with the wings.  I slowly moved my hand by its head.  No response.  (Brian said maybe the bird was in shock.  I would be, too!) So, then I slowly scooped it up as if it were a baby chick, and put it down on the grass by the road.  I left it standing there quietly, as I climbed back into my car and drove off.

I feel like there was some definite significance to this last one.  I had just left the school in a funk, frustrated and depressed with my continuing battle with time (which my classmate told me is the problem — don’t “struggle!”  Don’t “force!”)  So, I’m feeling despondent, and I get a big bird in my windshield.  If this were a dream, it would be something about spiritual thoughts being thrown into my field of awareness, or even at my physical body.  I think maybe this is about faith.  I need to carry on, and I need to have faith.


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