I haven’t worked with these dreams as much as I need to.  I may bring one of them up in the Dream Webinar tonight.  I had them Monday morning after a bit of an emotionally tumultuous Sunday.  The good I can gather from it is that I’m involving a lot of aspects of myself. (There are a lot of people in my dreams.)  The part that I need to work on is being able to harmonize with and organize these aspects of myself.  Struggle is a thread throughout these dreams.

These are not necessarily in consecutive order:

Dream #1: Looked like the back of Bowser’s body got ripped off.  Butt and legs.  I’m freaking out.  Brian’s mom assures me it’s fine.  It happens.  It’ll get back together.  I look at him and he still has all of his parts.  His back legs are raw, though.  You can see the muscle like an uncooked drumstick.

Dream #2:I am having an affair.  It’s in a committed relationship with a curly-haired blonde (resembles ice skater from Dancing with the Stars), but I am attracted to a guy who resembles the boy band guy from Dancing with the Stars.  We’ve at least made out a few times and may even have been intimate.  (There has definitely been the desire.)  He’s a good lover, very adoring and tender.  I feel awful.  I want to be with this guy, but I feel loyal to the other.  And I’ve already cheated and feel extremely dishonest. 

I’m in the room with lover and the blonde comes back, and I hug him.

Something about maybe his friends are suspicious.

He’s looking at a bra I have on a hanger (the tiny small pink one that I use when desperate) and something else hanging (underwear?).  He looks at them suspiciously, and I am amused because it has nothing to do with what’s going on.  But I’m wondering if I should come clean.  How can we have a relationship based on lies?

Dream #3: (related to previous?)  Step into an office.  A lot of guys in there having a meeting with guy.  I like the music played, and I mention it to the black guy nearest me. 

Dream #4: In a school setting.  Someone has been sending odd, threatening texts.  Leader of school is putting everyone on alert and trying to gather everyone together.  Feeling of uncertainty and fear.  (Do we see him at one point?)

Dream #5: I’m taking care of 2 very helpless, elderly women.  I lose track of one as we are trying to get aboard a vehicle, like a bus.  I freak out and go off looking for her, leaving the other woman behind.  (She is pissed!)  This woman’s body has been folded up kind of funny (in half) and she is wrapped in a white blanket.  When I get back to the vehicle (the first woman) makes some comment to me (insult).  I smile and say “Thank you.”  She smiles in derision and says it wasn’t meant as a compliment.  I smile and say I treat it as one.

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