Image courtesy of Naypong/

Image courtesy of Naypong/


Monday through Friday I have a clerical warehouse position, and I wear comfy around-the-house clothing to work because A)I can and B) Used books can be REALLY dirty and dusty.

So, I wear a lot of T-shirts.  I have T-shirts from my bike trips, T-shirts from all of those 5Ks (walking) that I did that awesome summer when my friend decided she wanted to sign up for every event possible and needed some company, and old softball and volleyball jerseys from the high school years.

As a young kid I think we just got our name on our jersey (Karl); as an adult I became “TK” (a nickname from high school that stuck).  But in those in-between years we got creative and picked our own names.  One of my earliest jerseys displayed my pride in my quickness — “SPEED DEMON.”  (Yes, somehow that fit on my jersey — just barely.)  And then apparently I got really whimsical and metaphysical.

One day when I was picking what to wear for the day, I stopped for a moment and stared at the name on the jersey: “DREAMER.”  That’s an interesting volleyball nickname.  Sure, it works — it could work for anything — but, synchronistically (new word), I am the Dream Awareness Coordinator for my school branch; so, it struck me as funny and particularly applicable. I picked up another one: “BELIEVER.”  Also, appropriate for sports, I guess — you need to believe in your team.  But it’s also something I’m really focused on now in my life: faith.  I’m beginning to know the power of the mind — thoughts in particular — and I’ve realized the antidote to my doubts is the seeds of faith.  Next is “QUASAR.”  (Not sure what it means?  I wasn’t either!)  This one is a funny story.  I needed a nickname, and I did one of those flip-through-the-dictionary-and-point-to-a-word things, and that’s what I got.  Seemed like a funky word, but I loved the definition.

Image courtesy of xedos4 /

Image courtesy of xedos4 /

Google says:

a massive and extremely remote celestial object, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy, and typically having a starlike image in a telescope. It has been suggested that quasars contain massive black holes and may represent a stage in the evolution of some galaxies.

What a secret and nerdy way to say I’m a star!  And what metaphysical, symbolic potential!

And  “SPARK.”  That light image again.  What comes to mind with “spark”?  Light, ignition, motivation, beginnings.  This ties in with lightworking; this is what I am experiencing through metaphysics; and this is what I want to help others to experience.

So, there you have it — dreams, faith, and light.  Proof that your soul does know its purpose from the very beginning.  I don’t remember why I picked some of those names, but my soul has known the path all along.

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