Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography /

There was a young man who had a new garden and wished to grow strawberries.  He had transplanted some strawberry plants in the garden last year, and he anticipated them coming back again.

However, there were many rabbits in the area.  Last year the rabbits and chipmunks had not been a problem.  However, this year there were the rabbits had proliferated, and the plants were very young and vulnerable.

The man erected a wire fence around the garden, hammering down stakes and attaching the fencing with zip ties.  However the hold was flimsy, and the man was disappointed to find the plants eaten away.

Then, he staple-gunned the fence to the wooden frame that lined the garden.  However, the rabbits still ravaged the young plants, and the plants couldn’t produce fruit.

The man wished to next put a wire hatch cover over the garden to completely protect the strawberries from the rabbits.  However, he believed he had invested significant time in this undertaking, it was late in the season, and he was losing motivation and also any hope that the strawberry plants would still produce.

How would your story end?  Do you have faith in the ideas you have planted?  Can you visualize the fruit they will produce and how you will benefit — are you giving them enough attention?  What is the habit that is eating your creation?  Is it your negative thinking, your doubts and fears?  Is your will strong enough to protect your offspring from this habit so that it can grow and flourish?  And how else can you support,  love, and encourage growth?


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