Dreamy Wednesday: Cruise, Cats, Old Crush, Windows Open, Teacher

I wrote these dreams down on an empty envelope that I had grabbed from the counter when I walked in late Sunday night after my weekend away.  I wish I’d taken the time to grab my journal. . .

From Monday morning, but not necessarily in this order:

#1 English class.  I’m teaching.  Adolescent students in there (some).  I remember husband of my metaphysics classmate and some unknown young male.  It’s an English lesson.  It’s based on a movie I’ve shown them, but it’s also in their English textbook.  The adolescent gets frustrated and crumples up his page.  At some point the video slows down, slow mo, as if a glitch.  There is a male dipping and spinning another male.

I look at lesson.  Frustrated adolescent boy has question.  I’m not sure of the answer.  I refer back to text.  I say we’re checking our own papers.  I say it looks like we’re not doing the work, then I’ll collect and grade them, and of course, there will be quizzes.  As I’ve walked around, looking at students’ work, I notice that even the directions need DOL (Daily Oral Language ) correction.

At some point I leave the classroom, forgetting the door was locked (from the inside), when I close it.  The students let me back in, though.

#2?  (Still #1?) Students see a man who has flown into a tree, and is chilling on a branch (sitting), wearing a robe.

#3 On a cruise ship.  Walking back and forth to look out the windows.  I watch as we pass the border of NYC.

#4 I’ve been letting Link and Zelda outside during the day. I go out to retrieve them.  Zelda tries to sneak out again. I lock her in a room.

#5 Old high school crush.  I come back from somewhere, and I kiss him and tell him I love him.  He tells me he needs to tell me something.  Seems ominous.

#6 Golbahar is telling me I left things unlocked and all the windows open in the house. We go around to check all of the rooms and make sure there are no intruders.

#7 The house where we are is huge.  At some point I think it’s too big.  There are many, many rooms.  We got it from a family.  There are still things left over in the house from them (like toys?)  and items for baby and care of a baby.

As you can see, I had quite a night!  I still need to look at these more, and I may ask about one of them in the  dream webinar tonight at 6:30.  #3 Is most likely referring to my movement from 1st cycle into the new unknown of the 2nd cycle (since I’m on a huge ship, which would symbolize an organization).

#6 seems to be about my superconscious making me aware of what I’m leaving my my open to.  Making sure I’m aware of what I’m letting in.

I really don’t know about #4 and #5.  Something about letting my habits out to play and then reigning them back in for #4 .  And #5 has to do with some outdated desired relationship and expression with a subconscious aspect.

#7 has to do with the newly acquired expansiveness of my mind.  I’m confused about the bit about getting it from another family, though.  I don’t see them, only remnants of them, memories of them.  Perhaps they prepared the way for me?

I love #2.  Such a fun image.  I remember the guy being white haired, wearing a robe similar to my graduation robe. His back was to us, and he was just chilling there.  I guess a very developed subconscious aspect is defying limitations and is at home in intuition!

For #1 I’m intrigued that I’m solidly the teacher in this one.  In dreams I’ve had recently I’ve been a guest teacher or have considered going back to teaching or am observing.  In this one I am confidently the teacher.  Perhaps this is a sign that I am taking responsibility of teaching myself and my different aspects (apparently subconscious, in this case.)  Not sure if I’ll go into the details at some point.

That’s it for Dreamy Wednesday.  Feel free to share your own dreams below!




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