I’ve been gone for quite some time as I’ve been involved in getting ready for graduation from the first cycle of the School of Metaphysics, and I’ve been preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend.  I miss posting.

Here is a quick summary of 3 dreams I’ve interpreted (with some advice) over the past month — though I’ve still been remembering my dreams pretty much every day!

Dream #1:

My friend is over.  She is sitting on the couch.  She mentions something about not being allergic.  I am surprised she’s not.  Room resembles parents’ basement.  I am sitting on the floor.  I think cats will probably come over.  Zelda does.


At first I had no idea what this dream meant.  I was trying to figure out what aspect of me this friend represented.  Then I went back over the day before, and I remembered that I had tried using affirmations that day.  I realized that this person was a very supportive, affirming person, and that she had represented this part of myself that I had just used.  She had felt comfortable in my mind, not repelled, she was sticking around.

Dream #2:

Burying a coffin.  We want to bury it in this grassy area, but we know there are other coffins there.  We can see their shape in the ground. 

Interpretation and Application:

I was really stumped on this dream and got a lot of interesting ideas from a lot of different people.  The main idea is that the focus is death, which is change.  There is a part of me that has changed, and I am seeing other parts of me that have also changed.  Since I never see any bodies, I am not fully aware of exactly what has changed within me.  Again, I need to be still and conscious of what I’m going through during the day.  Then I can identify the changes going on within me.

Dream #3:

There are parties.  We go to one.  There are more, and I want to go.  (Halloweeen?) Costume party.  I am debating which to go to and whether or not to go.  I see posts about it on Facebook.  I’m trying to think of what to wear.  I’m hoping someone will go with me (my fiancee or sister?  not sure which).  But they don’t want to go.  (Someone texting me about it?)


A part of me wants to get to know myself better, to try out new expressions of myself and to expand and to grow.  Another part of myself is ready to turn in, to rest and give myself time to withdraw and process.  I shared this dream in a dream workshop, and my teacher added that this is duality, and that it is a good thing.  There is a time for expanding and for contracting.  We need both.

Dream #4:

I knew I’d had twins (but I never saw them in the dream, in fact, by the end of the dream I realized I didn’t remember being pregnant, didn’t remember going into labor, etc).  Cindy asked me about the baby, and I was unable to give her much detail.  I thought one was a little chattier than the other.  It began to bother me that I knew nothing about the babies and that they weren’t even with me.  I wanted to get them.  I talked to my mom about breast feeding.  She was telling me not to worry, there were other options, and I was like “I haven’t even tried breastfeeding yet! Let me try and see if they even latch on!”

Interpretation and Application:

The focus of the dream is the babies.  I want to care for them, I want to nurture them, and feed them, but I have no idea where they are.  I asked Dr. Barbara about symbols that you never actually see in my dream and mentioned the babies.  The babies are ideas.  Since I don’t actually see them, they are ideas that are kind of floating around somewhere out there, but I’m not fully connected to them, aware of them.  I’m not able to nurture the ideas and help them to grow because they have not fully materialized in my mind yet.  I need to be still and receive the ideas fully so that I can fully visualize them and help them to mature.


Please be sure to check out The School of Metaphysics branches page  during April 25th-27th 6pm until the end of Sunday night to find the branch nearest you (although any of the schools will be fine!) and to get your dream interpreted for free.

Our ideal is that every individual be able to connect to his/her subconscious mind through remembering, interpreting, and applying the messages from dreams.  This is the first step!

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