I had a lot of dreams with students in them this morning.

In one I was trying to use worksheets/organizers to impose structure with the student (one I actually have). She was resisting.  I told her we could stop lessons (kind of like a threat).

In another I was like a sub P.E. teacher again imposing limits by telling the student (unknown girl) that I she couldn’t go passed a certain boundary.  (She did.)  She told me the principal said the boundary was further.  I took her (maybe even her face) and asked aggressively how she should have spoken with me, considering I am her elder and her teacher.

In another dream I had some difficulty with older students (teens?) and went to the office so that I could get some reinforcements.  The office didn’t seem too happy with me.  I got the feeling that I’d had some trouble with this in the past, and they didn’t like the clean up.

Symbols: The symbols were mainly maturing aspects of self (mostly unknown), limitations/discipline, purpose, and the superconscious/place where the superconscious resides.  (The superconscious doesn’t make an appearance in my dream.  I seek it out and my conscious aspect talks about it.)

Summary/Application: I believe this dream may have to do with my approach to my limitations.  I also think it has to do with my confusion about discipline in regards to others.  Yesterday I had a situation that caused me to reflect on whether or now I enable people when I should be setting limitations.  I need to reflect more on what the dream was telling me about that curiosity/concern.

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