Dream Interpretation During Dream Awareness Prep Weekend

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I just went down to Windyville, Missouri for a weekend of preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend, April 25th through 27th.  Besides all the fun and growth that I have come to appreciate and expect from these experiences, I received the first 10 lessons on dream interpretation (a review of what we receive in our metaphysics courses), watched a great impromptu dream hotline skit, and started connecting and planning with my fellow dream coordinators.

This weekend I got a great review of the dream interpretation process and had the benefit of feedback from dream coaches.  Here is a dream that I had Saturday morning and interpreted during the weekend’s activities:

The dream is about the dreamer. . .

I’m taking a Pepto Bismol bead pill that I find in the school cabinet, for my stomach.  It’s from one of the doctors (PhD) of the school.  Another of the doctors comes over to look at the box and see what I’m doing.  I have a feeling she’s not thrilled that I’m taking medication.  She wants to look at the box and see if any complaints are listed on there.  I want to see what the expiration date is.  There is some sale or sell date for ’94.  So, I know it must be expired.  There may also be complaints on there.  I’ve already had one.

Symbols: (people, places, and things)

pill- dependency in mental attitude

school- place for learning

cabinet — storage

stomach — digestion of knowledge

doctor 1 — not well-known; wise; superconscious aspect of self

doctor 2 — wise; strict; superconscious aspect of self

box — storage

complaint note — feedback

expiration date/sale/sell date — no longer useful

’94 — (4) — stability


I am dependent on something to help relieve my fullness and discomfort with the knowledge I have taken in.  But I realize this dependency is expired; I should not have used it.  I have some conflict within my conscience about it.


I decided that this refers to my tendency to withdraw when I am faced with discussion or situations that activate my believed limitations.  When I feel discomfort in my emotions and recognize the limiting thoughts behind them, instead of retreating into negativity and excuses, I will instead develop a “can do” attitude and leave myself open to the possibilities for change and expansion!

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